Top secret Wikileak government conspiracy depopulation via fake UFO attacks.

This Video Contains Facts & Accurate Information on UFOs, USOs, Aliens, Agartha, Vrill etc. Also Note Nibiru Renamed By N.A.S.A. Eris Does exist but is not of any concern as some of the Recent Seismic & Volcanic Events are Being caused by the affects of Orion’s Belt, But Do be aware there is strong evidence Cyclone Katrina, Haiti & Yasi are caused by H.A.A.R.P. in a gradual move to a one World Government (NWO) Be aware that your water & foods are contaminated with Fluoride, GMO, aluminium etc to Dumb us down & Depopulate the Planet Many Vaccines contain Mercury & a threat of a Vaccine that causes sterility is now known to exist, & The BP Oil Spill May Kill off 90% of the Planets Marine Life & a Major degree of the population Via Consumption of sea food. The NWO is a Combination of elite Businesses, Rothschild, Builderberg Rockefellers etc for a slave society of the chosen servicers, they plan to stage a false flag attack they will use space crafts to murder us and pretend we are at war with aliens, the reality will be thye are the ones controlling the crafts and we will once again fall for the lies.
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