Shocking Emails Exposed: WikiLeaks vs. Hillary Clinton

Email exchanges with Clinton and election campaign manager Podesta in the WikiLeaks series reveals shocking corruption. Will this scandal destroy her presidency?

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Wikileaks is a household name these days though many still don’t know or really understand what it is that they do, have done and are capable of… but in a nutshell;

A man sits in the equadorian embassy embarrasing people with his ability to stay free, while releasing all of their secrets. Including those of presidential candidate HIllary CLinton, and the emails she tried to destroy from her now infamous server. The man at the center of things is her campaign chair, John Podesta, and as the campaign lingers… more and more of their email interactions are coming to the surface in batches, revealing lies, deception and more.
Corrupted Media in HIllarys pocket

In April of 2015, a correspondent for Politico named Glenn Thrush sent an article to John Podesta before it was to be released. Thrush wanted to make sure that what he had written was copacetic in the eyes of HIllarys campaign, in an effort to give her some cover with Liberals

Podesta emails show a plethora of interactions that include: The New York times, The huffington Post, The Washington Post, Politico writer Maggie, Glenn Hutchins of CNBC, Columnists from The Guardian, The Boston Globe, The steve harvey show, The Business insider, The AP, and NBC along with a string of other media outlets were implicated in Podesta emails and even given off the record parties as appreciation of their support for the campaign.

She might actually support the Keystone pipeline
The Keystone pipeline has been a center of controversy and the thorn in the democrats side for as long as anyone can remember. But its actually been in existence running from Canada to the southern United States since 2010. The real issue is the XL portion which is argued against by environmentalists, and as recently as 2015 was denied by President Barack Obama

Sometimes, the questions are rigged
Emails in 2007 show a very peculiar exchange between Podesta and Tom Mattzie of that apparently shows that Mattzie was in collaboration with Podesta to plant questions with reporters to actually bait them to ask what the campaign wanted at events and make the conversations sway in Hillarys favor. (the democratic debates that saw Hillary knock Bernie out of the race, that she was actually getting the questions in advance from the DNC)

She actually hates catholics
Certain Podesta emails talk of a strategy between campaign staffers over the catholic vote and refers to the people involved in its religion as being “Backwards”, talked about attracting them to a christian sense of living and even discussed their contempt with the religion.
Getting cozy with the enemy
Hillary has money dealings with places like Saudi Arabia and Qatar… gifts and money given to her husband, and discussions about choice investments in Haiti. Qatar then subsequently received a 1000 percent increase in exports of weaponry from the United States, under the rule of Clinton as Secretary of State.

She apparently doesn’t see the enemy as a threat
The most recent batch of emails reveal information about Clintons long secretive private speeches and their content… in some such speeches, she remarked on a no fly zone over Syria that would kill lots of civilians, about how the US could easily crush China with missile defense, and even went so far as to boast that she could have the pacific ocean renamed to the American ocean if she felt like it

The ultimate backstabber
And of course Hillary has no allegiance to anyone it would seem… as Podesta emails also reveal that the clinton campaign set out in an effort to pursue the Obama birther issue, surrounding his supposed no citizenship.